Mission & Strategy


CCI's objective is to become a leading European player in developing and producing candies and sweets under its customers' private labels and brands. The association between CCI and its parent company, TECG, creates a strong platform for achieving this ambition. CCI wants to extend its market share in the private label/brand segment of the candies and sweets market professionally and transparently and be seen by its customers as the best partner in this area.


CCI looks for the best solution for its customers' private label brands via a strongly market-focused approach. Defining solutions together with customers and developing, offering and producing the right products are conditional to achieving this. Constant product quality and professional organisation are the basis for a long-standing and successful collaboration.

CCI bases its approach on the chosen market segment and consumers and is capable of offering a complete range. That range can consist of both mainstream items and custom-made products that we develop specifically for our customers.

With our NPD Centre of Excellence and our expert specialists, we are capable of developing the right product solutions for retailers while also offering flexible production and a faster time to market.