Production sites

We produce our varied range of premium confectionery at three locations in the Netherlands and one in Germany. Thanks to the combination of these factories, we have a high-performance network of modern production lines. We specialize in different product groups and can therefore respond to all wishes and requirements.


The factory in Drachten is the place where it all started for CCI. In this flexible, all-round factory we make a variety of product types.

Employees: 130

Surface area: 9.000 m²

De Bolder 40
9206 AN Drachten


The factory in Hoorn is a pioneer in the production of liquorice allsorts. The heart of the factory is the extrusion line, where our liquorice allsorts is produced.

Employees: 30

Surface area: 8.700 m²

Protonweg 5
1627 LD Hoorn


This factory, known since 1950 as the Sulá factory, is one of the largest producers of sugar-free hard sweets in moulded quality, mostly packaged in click boxes.

Employees: 105

Surface area: approx. 10.000 m²

Industriestraße 23
48629 Metelen


The site in Oosterwolde specialises in liquorice known for its excellent quality.

Employees: 55

Surface area: 10.000m²

Houtwal 25
8431 EX Oosterwolde