Sweet Support

Making an impact with sweets? Yes, that's why we make sweets that make everyone happy. Regardless of habits, beliefs or background. But we don't think that's enough when it comes to social impact. Sweet Support was created by us to make people in our area feel that they are valuable - that everyone deserves a chance - that you participate. Together with organisations or initiatives that support this idea, we want to contribute to a world that is social, inclusive and fair.

Find out how to apply for Sweet Support, what your application must meet and how it works!

Do you support initiatives all over the Netherlands?

We support initiatives taking place in the direct area around Drachten, Oosterwolde, Hoorn or Metelen (the location of our factories).

How often can you apply for Sweet Support?

Sweet Support is a one-off contribution to a common purpose (so that we can support as many initiatives as possible).

How long in advance should I submit my application?

The request must be submitted at least 45 days before the start of your initiative.

Do you set requirements for the initiative's scope?

We like to support initiatives that fit our strategic goals and contribute to a world that is social, inclusive and fair.

We like to see the implementation as sustainable as possible. We also value good organisation and a realistic plan.

Furthermore, your initiative is not intended to be self-serving, or of a political or religious nature.

How should CCI be brought into the picture?

With our contribution, we as CCI would like to be able to present a positive image. This can be in the broadest sense of the word. We would love to hear what you suggest in this.

Apply for Sweet Support?

Wij kunnen helaas maar een beperkt aantal Sweet Support aanvragen per jaar ondersteunen. Elke aanvraag beoordelen wij zorgvuldig. Dat doen we met elkaar in een kleine projectgroep één keer per maand. Het kan dus een paar weken duren voordat je uitsluitsel van ons krijgt. We behouden ons hier het recht voor om een aanvraag zonder opgave van reden af ​​te wijzen.

Please fill in the application form here