We make liquorice for the real sweet tooth. Sweet, salty or with a different flavour. Liquorice in many different shapes and sizes. But always with the best quality. Our range of liquorice also includes more and more vegan and/or sugar-free products.

We have been making the tastiest liquorices for years. Take a look at our wide range of liquorice and Allsorts below.

Non vegan/veggie (yet) Sugar Free Vegan Veggie

Farm Liquorice

Cola & Strawberry Sticks

Pharmacy Liquorice

Liquorice Cats

Liquorice Pyramid

Liquorice from the Past - Sweet Fairy Tales

Liquorice from the Past - Salty Boats

Liquorice Mix

Extra Salty Liquorice Rounds

Extra Salty Liquorice Fish

Liquorice Allsorts

Salty Liquorice Fish


Mixed Liquorice


Honey Liquorice

Caramel Sticks

Liquorice Dots/Buttons

Laurel Leaves


Liquorice Coins

Salty Coins

Salty Liquorice Sticks

Salty Liquorice

Sugar Free Liquorice Dots

Sugar Free Liquorice Hearts

Sugar Free Liquorice cubes

Sugar Free Honey Bears

Sugar Free Honey Liquorice

Sugar Free Herbleaves

Sugar Free Salty liquorice

Sugar Free Sweet Liquorice

Sugar Free Sweet Liquorice Rounds

Sugar Free Sweet Liquorice Coins

Sugar Free Salty Liquorice Ovals

Soft Liquorice Sticks

Soft Sweet Liquorice (Faces)

Soft Salty Liquorice (Faces)

Sweet Liquorice Mix

Salty Liquorice Mix