Gums & Jellies

At CCI, we think it is important that everyone can enjoy sweets. That is why our gums & jellies are not only very tasty, but a lot of them are also vegan. And the varieties that are not yet vegan will soon follow. Because sweets without animal ingredients make everyone happy, don't they? This fits well with our motto, Sweets for all.

Gums & Jellies are soft, sweet sweets made from gelatine and/or starch mixed with sweeteners, colours, flavourings or fruit concentrates. They are made in many different flavours and shapes.

Non vegan/veggie (yet) Sugar Free Vegan Veggie

Liquorice Fruit Jellies

Mini Tum Tum

Sugar Free Jelly Bears

Sugar Free Love Hearts

Sugar Free Mini Gums

Sugar Free Soft Gums

Tum Tum

Vegan Strawberry Oiled

Vegan Sugared Strawberry

Vegan Pineapple Oiled

Vegan Sugared Pineapple

Vegan Cherry Oiled

Vegan Sugared Cherry

Vegan Mango Oiled

Vegan Sugared Mango

Vegan Peach Oiled

Vegan Sugared Peach

Vegan Water Melon Oiled

Vegan Sugared Water Melon

Vegan Dogs

Vegan Dogs Mix

Vegan Lion

Vegan Lion - Liquorice/Banana

Vegan Mini Gems

Vegan Panda

Vegan Owl

Vegan Sweet Eels

Vegan Sweet Worms

Vegan Sour Eels

Vegan Sour Worms

Wine Gums

Fizzy Hearts